TOWER LIGHTS & Lighting 

X Eco Tower Light 

This X-Eco LED mobile lighting tower is easy to transport and locate, providing instant lighting for an area equivalent to half a football pitch. The easily operated extendable 8.5m hydraulic light mast has 6 x 150W LED lights with full 360° positioning to tailor site lighting and optimise onsite HSE compliance and productivity. With an Automatic Dusk-Dawn sensor, the efficient 3kVa generator has a fuel efficiency of 0.55l/hour, providing lighting for up to 200 hours between refuel intervals up to 73% saving in fuel and CO₂ emissions.

  • A 8.5-metre vertical, hydraulic mast. 

  • An average  coverage over 3800 sq.m.

  • 6x150W, 48V LED lights.

  • Equipped with a 110 litre long run fuel tank.

  • Provides a run time of up to 200 hours.


VB9 Tower Light 

This Evopower Pro Towerlight VB9 is the perfect lighting solution for events, shows, roadworks, construction sites and the rental market.

The VB9 features a 9-metre vertical, hydraulic mast, delivering an impressive average 20 Lux coverage over 3600 sq.m, and is fitted with four, recently developed, 400w metal halide lamps and a 170-litre long run fuel tank, providing 340 hours usage on a single tank of fuel.

Powered by a Kohler Engine with 12V electric start, the VB9 offers convenient and mobile lighting, designed to make your job easier and save you money. Innovative design and economical fuel consumption makes this towerlight from Evopower Pro an obvious choice.

  • A 9-metre vertical, hydraulic mast. 

  • An average 20 Lux coverage over 3600 sq.m.

  • 4x 400w metal halide lamps.

  • Equipped with a 170 litre long run fuel tank.

  • Provides a run time of up to 340 hours.